Conference: Bodies of Power - Somaesthetics and Politics



The Center for Body, Mind, and Culture will host a two-day conference, February 25-26, 2021, at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, on the topic Bodies of Power: Somaesthetics and Politics.

Political regimes maintain their power and domination through control of our bodies. They do so not only by explicit acts of violence and internment but also more insidiously by inculcating somatic norms that support obedience to the dominating political authorities and ideologies. Entire ideologies of domination can be covertly materialized and imposed by encoding them in somatic habits and norms that are taken for granted because they are presented as proper, as a strategy for evading critical consciousness. Unlike flagrant violence by political powers that can spur angry protest, political domination of this subtle somatic sort is hard to challenge because our bodies have so deeply absorbed it that it typically goes unnoticed. Any successful challenge of oppression should thus involve somaesthetic diagnosis of the bodily habits and feelings that express and reinforce such domination so that they, along with the oppressive social conditions that generate them, can be overcome. Our conference “Bodies of Power: Somaesthetics and Politics” explores the multiple ways political authorities wield their power on and through our bodies, but also the ways that we individuals and groups can find paths of emancipation through more creative, progressive somaesthetic thinking and action. The conference is open to contributions from diverse disciplinary perspectives in the humanities, social sciences, and the arts.

Please email your abstract and CV to both and .  In addition, to aid in our tracking of submissions, we request that you also fill out the following Registration Form.  The deadline for submission of abstracts is October 1, 2020. Notifications of acceptances will be sent out the first week of November, 2020.

Selected papers may be developed for publication in The Journal of Somaesthetics ( or in an edited book based on the conference papers to be published in the Brill book series Studies in Somaesthetics