Fiat Vinum - Salvum Mundus

  • Joshua Karant
Keywords: somaesthetics, wine history, philosophy of taste, Brillat-Savarin, high and low culture, inebriation, Hume’s standard of taste, nouveau riche drinking habits


More than mere sustenance, food offers a source of identity, community and tradition, and a catalyst for reflection, exploration and exchange.  This is likewise true of wine, a gustatory pleasure whose distinct values – somatic, aesthetic, cognitive – make it a particularly ripe lens through which to examine the broader value of gastronomy.  Looking at wine’s role in history, philosophy, and daily life, and examining the powerful role critics have played in its reception, I will present an alternative approach to its appreciation: one that, in begging thoughtful, measured participation, elucidates its value as a catalyst for personal growth and robust aesthetic experience.